2023-2024 LEAGUE CHAMPIONS !!!

Division Team
Boys 5A Red Division St. Mary (Mokena) - Boys 5A
Boys 5A Blue Division St. Mary Immaculate (Plainfield) - Boys 5A
Boys 5B St. Mary of Gostyn (DG) - Boys 5B2
Boys 6A White Division St. Raymond - Boys 6A1
Boys 6A Red Division All Saints - Boys 6A
Boys 6A Blue Division St. Mary Immaculate (Plainfield) - Boys 6A
Boys 6B All Saints - Boys 6B
Boys 7A White Division St. Joseph (DG) - Boys 7A
Boys 7A Red Division Ss. Peter & Paul - Boys 7A
Boys 7A Blue Division St. Jude (Joliet) - Boys 7A
Boys 7B St. Michael - Boys 7B2
Boys 8A White Division Noonan Academy - Boys 8A
Boys 8A Red Division TBD
Boys 8A Blue Division Ss. Peter & Paul - Boys 8A
Boys 8B TBD
Girls 5A Red Division St. Petronille - Girls 5A
Girls 5A Blue Division St. Paul - Girls 5A
Girls 6A White Division Ss. Peter & Paul - Girls 6A
Girls 6A Red Division St. Mary of Gostyn (DG) - Girls 6A
Girls 6A Blue Division St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick - Girls 6A
Girls 6B St. Mary of Gostyn (DG) - Girls 6B
Girls 7A White Division St. Pius X - Girls 7A
Girls 7A Red Division St. Raymond - Girls 7A
Girls 7A Blue Division St. Joan of Arc - Girls 7A
Girls 8A White Division St. Cyril and Methodius - Girls 8A
Girls 8A Red Division TBD
Girls 8A Blue Division TBD

School Number of Championships
Ss. Peter & Paul 3
St. Mary of Gostyn (DG) 3
All Saints 2
St. Mary Immaculate (Plainfield) 2
St. Raymond 2
Noonan Academy 1
St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick 1
St. Cyril and Methodius 1
St. Joan of Arc 1
St. Joseph (DG) 1
St. Jude (Joliet) 1
St. Mary (Mokena) 1
St. Michael 1
St. Paul 1
St. Petronille 1
St. Pius X 1